Lecturer-in-Residence, Philosophical Research Society

1/21/23 Moons in Mirrors: Divination, Golden Dome School 

2/7/23  NATURE CHARMS NATURE: Alchemy, Honey’s

2/19/23 The Alchemical Imagination, Golden Dome School


6/5/22 A Psychic Tour of Salem, Now Age Tours

6/22/22 A Psychic Tour of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

7/7/22 A Psychic Tour of the Brooklyn Museum 

7/10/22 Psychic Workers Unite, Golden Dome School

9/17/22 Boiling and Divine, Philosophical Research Society

9/22/22 The Stars Give and the Flowers Recieve: Alchemy and Perfume Making, Philosophical Research Society

10/8/22 Visions of Zosimos: Art and Alchemy, Philosophical Research Society

10/30/22 Cosmic Dispatch Radio with Cory Nakasue and JM Hamade

10/31/22 Night of the Living Death: Alchemy and Fermentation Honey’s

11/3/22 A Psychic Tour of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden


3/20/21 The Alchemical Imagination, Golden Dome School

5/15/21 Tarot Initiates, Golden Dome School

8/5/21 A Psychic Tour of Nikki De Saint Phalle, MOMA PS1

8/24/21 Toxic/Tonic, BUSHEL

9/11/21 Other Places Art Fair, Angel’s Gate Cultural Center

9/19/21 The Resurrection of Care, Los Angeles

9/25/21 The Work of the Sun, Flower Head

11/6/21 The Time is Now, ZOOM, Golden Dome School

12/26/21 The Cosmic Dispatch, Radio Kingston